Instructor Positions

  • NRG2GO provides certified fitness professionals with unique teaching opportunities in the Caribbean and Mexico. The instructor teaches classes in exchange for an all-inclusive resort stay for themselves and a companion.

  • Instructors can travel for one, two, three or even four weeks. There is no limit to the amount of times an instructor can travel each year.

  • Being technically sound, approachable and friendly is the balance that makes for an ideal Guest Instructor at a resort. As a team, we strive for professionalism and diversity. The more diversified and open the instructor is, the more resort options there are.

  • Schedules are geared towards the needs of the clientele. Guests at resorts are on holiday. They are in ‘vacation mode’. They do not usually want to work real hard. Their needs are different from our participants’ and clients’ at our home facilities. While vacationing, the ‘average guest’ does not necessarily want to improve their level of fitness. Therefore, the resort classes are not intensity-driven but rather emphasize fun and interaction. Many participants’ at resorts are not members of fitness, sports facilities or studios back home and most do not participate in regular exercise. Classes must be adjusted accordingly.

Guest Fitness Instructor
Guest Mind/Body Instructor
Guest Zumba Instructor
Guest U-JAM Instructor Position
Guest DJ Position