Scheduling is only available for those instructors who have been approved by NRG2GO.


Scheduling is done on a first-come/first-served basis.

Instructors are asked to seriously check all angles prior to making a travel request – scheduling, babysitting (if applicable), budget, realistic expectations and air availability should all be seriously considered before proceeding with the next steps.

Step #1Select a date/resort– Once an instructor has been approved by NRG2GO dates of travel are available to request.

Step #2 – Email your request to Darylyn at NRG2GO ( – Be specific which resort/date you want to request. Available dates on on the website at the bottom of each resort page. We ask that you check flights & confirm time off before submitting your request, Many steps are involved in getting instructor confirmations so please be 100% you can go for the date you are requesting.

Step #3 – NRG2GO then sends a request to the specific resort for the specific date(s) – A request is an extra step that some resorts require so they may review the instructor’s experience and check hotel availability. Requests take on average one to two business days but can take longer. A request consists of an instructor’s brief bio and picture which is put together by the instructor (a sample will be provided). Once a request is approved, it’s considered firm so instructors should have checked all angles prior to requesting a date.

Step #4 – Firm up your trip – Once a request is approved by resort, NRG2GO sends the instructor the ‘required paperwork’ which consists of the NRG2GO contract and details for sending program fee. Once this information has been sent back to NRG2GO, the trip is considered firm and the specific travel week(s) is no longer available for other instructors to request/book.

Step #5 – Air reservation – It is after this point that flights can be booked. Flights can be booked any time after the required paperwork has been sent (approximately 4 months prior to travel) and needs to be secured no later than 3 weeks prior to date of travel for travel during high seasons.  If departing gateway is from within Canada, the NRG2GO Travel Division can assist with the booking. The intention is for the NRG2GO trip to be as cost-efficient as possible. Instructors from other countries should use the services of their own, local travel agent. If air is booked through NRG2GO, the instructor will receive an email with the flight confirmation.

Step #6 – Preparation details sent to instructor – Each instructor will receive very detailed travel information via e-mail from NRG2GO. Names of contacts resort and class information are all shared. One of NRG2GO’s goals is to prepare instructors to “go with the flow” and to make the transition from home teaching to resort teaching as smooth and seamless as possible. With this said, much of the success of this depends on the mind set and realistic expectations of the instructor…. hence our motto:’We provide the opportunity, you live the experience’.

Other Paperwork Required for NRG2GO Trips:

Travel Protection – Medical insurance, cancellation/interruption and baggage protection should be booked at the same time as the air booking. This coverage offers peace of mind while traveling abroad and is highly recommended for all travelers.


There’s always a chance of resorts having to ‘bump’ the instructor or other guests for that matter to alternate resorts (accommodations of similar standard) during periods of high occupancy. This is a reality of travel in general, any week of the year, but more commonly happens during high seasons. These situations are rare but do happen. If this is was to occur, the instructor’s privileges would not change and transportation is arranged by resort (where necessary). Instructors must be prepared for this, should it happen.

Cancellation Policy

Our company needs to be informed of any cancellations as soon as possible so that alternate rescheduling arrangements can be made.  Once the required instructor paperwork (Program Fee and Contract) has been received, trips are confirmed, weeks are taken off the roster and resorts are informed of the instructor details.

Instructors will receive reimbursement of 50% of their program fee for cancellations 45 days or more from date of travel.  For any cancellations between 45 days or less from date of travel, no reimbursements shall be given. Depending on the scenario, the program fee may be ‘banked’ and used for an alternate date of travel at the discretion of NRG2GO.

Banked program fees must be used within one year of issue date. There is no guarantee the original resort will be available at the time of rebooking. 

Failure to contact NRG2GO will revoke instructor’s chances to travel in future

Pregnancy Policy

Resorts ask us to not send instructors who are pregnant. Class settings at resorts are generally much warmer than what most instructors are used to.  


Instructors are asked to bring down some items to the resort as a way of giving back and helping to purchase equipment which otherwise is hard to find and/or expensive.  Taking down this kind of equipment allows resorts to replenish their stock regularly. This in turn benefits the instructor program. Many countries do not have access to reasonably priced sports equipment. A yoga mat or volleyball for example, is often 2-3 times what we pay for the same item in North America or Europe.

Suggested items include: CD’s, videos, any kind of ball – tennis racquets, tennis balls, volleyballs, soccer balls, basketballs, toys/games for the kids club and/or light weight fitness equipment such as stability balls, resistance bands, yoga mats etc.